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This wiki is dedicated to the documentation of the lore of the AGD (A Galaxy Divided) universe, created by many various individuals for an incredibly diverse and deep setting, with a degree of comedic elements on occasion. Inspired by various science fiction settings such as Halo, Star Wars and Warhammer, the stage of AGD is set in a galaxy full of many galactic powers with a lot of history. Additionally is AGDoom, a GZDoom engine class-based FPS set in the AGD universe where players play as the various standard infantry of the many factions.

This wiki is official, meaning it is managed by and written by the original writers (for the most part). For that reason, it would be appreciated that lore writings not be contributed by members unless you really know what you're doing, and even one should expect to be asked for a source on their message wall.

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CC BY-SA 4.0
A Galaxy Divided (AGD) and its derivatives (such as AGDoom) are managed and created by Trost Company. Writing credits are included per-article for specific crediting.

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